About The Artist

I have been infatuated with nature since I was a child. Growing up, I would often bring home the various creatures I discovered in the woods and waters near my childhood home (to my parents' chagrin). When I wasn't trekking through fields and wading into creeks I could be found reading field guides for the reptiles or birds of my area.

I began my love of photography not long after when in my early teens my father built a darkroom in our basement. I learned to shoot and develop black and white film before making the jump to digital with a Kodak point-and-shoot that had a whopping 1.3 megapixels. That camera and others like it documented my travels abroad to Europe, China, India, and more. Then I put the camera down. I got a job and began my "real life". For about ten years I lost touch with what I had loved for so long, but I wasn't thriving, and I felt like my life lacked purpose. So on a whim in 2017, I purchased a DSLR and a long lens to try and rekindle the spark I'd lost. Fortunately, that spark had never gone out.

Since then my work has won numerous awards, has been featured in print and digital publications, and - perhaps what makes me the proudest - has been used by major conservation organizations to further their mission of environmental stewardship.

My Fine Art collection showcases my love affair with the natural world. These are the greatest highlights of my career and my life. I hope you'll enjoy viewing them as much as I have enjoyed capturing them.

- Tristan Adler